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Kewaskum's 125th Anniversary

Kewaskum 125th Anniversary Celebration

June 8, 2023

This weekend is one year since our families, neighbors, and friends came together to celebrate Kewaskum. Enjoy this short video and a small collection of photos from the 125th.

Interview with Kewaskum Family

Kewaskum's 125th Anniversary

Kewaskum Family Presentation

June 12, 2022

Anne Trautner talks with Val Scrivner and Joie Liscano, as they share memories about their grandmother, Maggie Kewaskum, a Potawatomi girl who was born circa 1911 and who grew up on an Indian reservation in Kansas.

Chief's Chatter: Preserving the History of Kewaskum

October 20, 2021

Kewaskum Police Chief Tom Bishop and Kewaskum Historical Society volunteer Anne Trautner meet with Wisconsin Historical Society to find out how they are helping preserve the content found in a century's worth of The Kewaskum Statesman newspapers.

Kewaskum's 125th Anniversary

Commemorative Video

February 27, 2020

Video commemorating the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Village of Kewaskum.

Early Farm Days Aerial View

Early Farm Days 2017

September 10, 2017

Overhead view of Kewaskum Historical Society's Early Farm Days event. Jason Fideler video.

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